Logbook Servicing

With the significant investment that goes into buying and maintaining a high class vehicle, keeping your vehicle’s warranty intact is a valuable, cost-effective way to preserve peace of mind with your purchase. Our team is able to conduct regular logbook servicing for your vehicle regardless of make and model, a requisite for continued warranty coverage. While we specialise in European and other prestige manufacturers, we can happily provide logbook servicing for all makes and models.

Here at Automotion, our expert mechanics are fully certified to provide logbook servicing for all:

  • Petrol vehicles
  • Diesel vehicles
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Vehicle Inspections

If your vehicle is unregistered, or if you plan to sell it on, it needs to be certified as roadworthy with a safety certificate from an approved inspection station. We’re approved to conduct these inspections and issue safety certificates, checking your vehicle from bumper to bumper to ensure it meets Queensland road laws.

When you’re planning on buying a secondhand vehicle, we would recommend bringing it in for a pre-purchase inspection, to ensure you know exactly what you’re buying, and help you avoid nasty surprises and make an informed decision about your purchase.

We also perform pre-trip inspections, so you can enjoy your road trip or camping excursion with peace of mind.

Automotion’s skilled team can help you with:

  • Safety Certificates
  • Pre-Purchase Inspections
  • Pre-Trip Inspections
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Your brakes are the most important safety feature that your vehicle has. While other safety systems, like airbags, can only reduce the severity of an accident, your brakes can act preventatively, and the condition of your brakes is often the deciding factor between an accident and emergency stop.

Here at Automotion, our expert brake technicians can help you with:

  • Brake Component Replacement (pads, rotors, drums etc.)
  • Brake Machining
  • Brake Hoses
  • Brake Restorations
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Steering & Suspension

Faults and flaws in your steering and suspension affect handling and ride comfort, causing issues such as play in the steering wheel, vibrations at speed, and body lean through corners. Your suspension is also responsible for maximising the grip that your tyres exert on the road surface, and a poor suspension will substantially increase your stopping distance.

Automotion’s expert engineers can help you with:

  • Wheel Alignments
  • Shocks/Springs
  • Wheel Balancing
  • Bushing Replacement
  • Power Steering Repairs/Replacement
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If you ask most people what their engine needs to keep running, you can count on most of them to remember petrol. A lot of people forget the equally important fuel your engine needs: oxygen.

Your exhaust system is responsible for drawing the waste gases out of the engine bay, allowing fresh air to enter and fuel the combustion process. In addition to the added engine noise a faulty exhaust causes, you can also expect to notice reduced power output and fuel efficiency.

Here at Automotion, our skilled mechanics can help you with:

  • Exhaust repairs
  • Exhaust replacment
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Air Conditioning

Your aircon actually degrades more from disuse than from use, as the rubber tubing and seals inside the AC dry up and crack, allowing refrigerant gas to leak out and rob your aircon of its cooling power.

Here at Automotion, we can fully repair and service your vehicle’s air conditioning, starting by replacing any faulty compressors, condensers, and evaporators, then swapping out any cracked tubing, seals and valves, and once we’re certain your system is airtight, we’ll regas it with refrigerant, returning your aircon to its former cooling glory!

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Clutches & Transmissions

Having trouble shifting gears can cause headaches on the road and may prove devastating for your lap time on track day. You might also have trouble with your gearbox or diff if you feel odd grinding or shaking while in motion, or hear a low whine.

Our team is able to diagnose and repair issues in your drive train, fitting any necessary replacement parts from our OEM suppliers’ range of products, and we can help you with: 

  • Servicing
  • Repairs & Replacement
  • Manual Transmissions
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Differentials
  • CV Joints
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Engine Repairs

The engine is the beating heart of your vehicle. If you’re having issues with your engine, the condition of the rest of the car doesn’t matter, you’re not going anywhere.

The engine has evolved in efficiency and complexity over the years, and many workshops use specialised engine rebuilding services rather than doing the work in-house.

Automotion has an in-house engine rebuilding team who can help you with:

  • Rebuilds
  • Reconditioning
  • Testing
  • Engine Blocks
  • Cylinder heads
  • Camshaft
  • EFI diagnostics
  • Dyno tuning
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Cooling System

If your radiator is malfunctioning, it can cause a host of issues from reduced power output and engine efficiency, through to decreased engine lifespan as overheating damages the engine. If these problems are left untreated for long enough, they will render your vehicle immobile, with the cost of repairs being comparable to that of buying a secondhand car!

Here at Automotion, our expert technicians can help you with:

  • Radiator/Heater Repairs and Replacement
  • Head Gaskets
  • Coolant Flush
  • Thermostats
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Auto Electrical

If the engine is your vehicle’s heart, the auto electrical network is the brain. The network handles everything from playing music and measuring fuel consumption, to assisting with braking and gear changes, even monitoring your vehicle’s other systems and notifying you if flaws are detected.

The increasing complexity of auto electrical networks means that it’s more important than ever to have qualified auto electricians with the diagnostic tools and equipment needed to analyse and repair any flaws.

Here at Automotion, our expert auto electricians can help you with:

  • Alternators and starter motors
  • Battery check and replacement
  • Component test and replacement
  • Diagnostic scans
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While they might seem simple at first, your tyres are marvels of modern engineering. Tyres are designed to continue to provide acceptable grip as they wear (as long as your wheels are aligned) and in wet weather, the treads of tyres act as channels to divert water away from where the tyre meets the road surface.

Take the hassle out of getting your tyres changed, and when you bring your vehicle in for service or repairs, have our team hook you up with some new tyres at the same time!

Automotion has tyres from major brands for all makes and model of passenger car.

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Smash Repairs

We offer a truly comprehensive automotive repair service here at Automotion, and in addition to our complete suite of mechanical repairs, we have a fully equipped smash repairs workshop as well.

Our team of expert team of panel beaters will have your vehicle back to the right shape in no time, and our team are happy to help you with all insurance work.

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